Is there a terrorist link to the Sandy Hook shootings?

It seems that the shooter Adam Lanza went out of his way to destroy his hard drive the morning of the shooting. Was this a well thought out plan? Was Adam Lanza chosen? Why was the school chosen? Detectives have stated that there was no connection to the Lanzas and Sandy Hook. How about Peter Lanza (Adam’s father)? He is an executive for GE Energy. He paid over 200k in alimony and support. His company was awarded a 3 billion dollar contract in Iraq. What happened in Newtown, CT is a devastating tragedy. How angry will we be if we find out there is more than one person involved in its planning? No, we cant bring those innocent children back, but, if there is any way to get all the facts in this case and perhaps prevent something like this in the future, perhaps we wont feel as helpless as we do now.


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