Romney’s 5 point plan

President Obama claims that Romney hasn’t shared a plan with the American people. This is FALSE. It is called the 5 point plan:

1. Energy Independence

2. Lower taxes on small businesses

3. Choice of schools for students

4. Lower the deficit

5. New trade agreements

Seriously, is anyone still listening to Obama’s lies?

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Candidates Voting records available online

I like that we can see the candidates voting records online. Did you know that Obama voted against a law protecting infants born alive? Of course Paul Ryan voted to protect unborn children

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Illegal immigrants can vote in Texas

A federal court has struck down a Texas voting law which requires voters to provide a valid ID. SO, if you are in this country illegally you can vote in Texas! How cool is that?

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Obama’s first job

Don’t feel bad Mr. Obama, a lot of people fail at their first job

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Obama a one term president

So Obama has said if he couldnt turn around the economy is his first term, he would be a one term President. Bye Bye Obama

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